The New Winipeg Jets Logo


Review here:

I’m kind of a fan. I think it will translate well to sweaters, as well as other identity things (signs, graphics, etc.)

Love the tie-in with the Air Force, never realized it was before. Didn’t really follow hockey when I was younger.

Yes, it was…apparently I grabbed the wrong image …

The main logo with the plane is good. The other garbage is just awful. Having said that, was Winnipeg ever known for beauty or good design? I guess it should look like it was done by the teenage son of the owner (I can imagine the quote, “He knows computers”).

The top logo isnt terrible, but the other ones are just bad. I looked at the one on the lower left and thought it was a beer logo. I just with they would have payed tribute to the old team than just restart one like the never left.

Then again, maybe Im just a fan of the old logos. Bruins, Canadians, old canucks ‘C’, Toronto, wings, hawks, and most of all the Whalers. Something about those just say ‘tradition’ to me.