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It’s back up. I don’t know how I feel about it. Seems very plain.

Used if for about 10 minutes and it is already growing on me. I uploaded a new project, the functionality associated with that seems really clean. I like it. I know being the admin here makes that seem biased, but this is the first time I’m seeing it too!

Kinda looks like the newish Gmail…

Glad to see someone noticed! This relaunch has been a long time coming. Glad to see it finally online. Post any suggestions, comments, improvements, hopes and dreams here. We’ll get to them all as soon as we can!

Nice work, I’m a fan! The scrolling vs clicking next is smoother for storytelling, and what used to be the caption text seems more a part of the images than it used to be.

Maybe this will be my excuse to get all my stuff updated. I like the way the thumbnails in the gallery are all interlocked together instead of the old grid layout which forced you to crop your images. Hopefully it won’t become like Pinterest with really tall stitched together images being used just to get more real estate on the home page.

Nice refreshing update.

Just a quick one but I now cannt seach via location in the job section, arguably the most important criteria for people outside the US. Putting in london, industrial designer, or even london. Infact after just trying the search feature doesn’t seem to work fullstop. puting in california, new york, designer, interaction design.

Prior to the change it was possible to only show UK results.

Don’t know if there is something I am doing wrong or if there is a problem with it

Yeah, bring back the filter by state, or country option.

For example:
I just searched for “MN” to find jobs in my area. Gave me zero results. However, on the first page there are two jobs listed in Minnesota (with MN in the listing…)

Started playing around with it. Really starting to dig it. I love the new viewing format with being able to scroll down. It is much easier to tell a story now. It has even got me thinking of turning my printed folio in to a partite format. Can’t seem to figure out how to likey an image though.

I have see one issue and it may be operator error. I have a set that appears in edit mode, but not when I look at it in view my portfolio. I made sure that it was visible and not hidden. Can’t seem to figure out what is going on.


Very nice! Scrolling is a much better format than the distant arrows of the last iteration–even beyond tablets. Clean, minimal, and economical. I must say that I was leaning towards focusing on other portfolio sites, but now Coroflot is back at the top. Behance is nice, but it’s more art/graphics focused and is a little too in-between a personal web site and an efficient portfolio hub.

Nice update!

Overall I like it too - good job admin!

The scroll format seems more modern, like Behance, and I’m glad I can stay at Core77 for that

It’s a shame that previous comments on images are now all grouped at the bottom out of context. Also I miss the ability to likely individual slides.

Makes me want to re-do a lot of what I have up to make it more of a ‘story’ format, like Justin pointed out

So this was a surprise today. Question is, how do I change the project cover image? Seems like I used to be able to get an option from the image. Can’t seem to drag and drop it. Anyone else know how? Short of saving the image to my computer and uploading again, or reloading the existing image and deleting the old.

Also can’t figure out how to change the about and resume sections?

I’m having one issue…

As I type in my resume (actually the same one saved as before), it says I have 750+ characters remaining of 10,000. I click Save, and it tells me I’ve gone over the 10,000 character limit.

I’ve copy/pasted the text into Word, done a character count, and I am in the low 9,250 range, confirming the counter that states I have 750+ characters remaining. I have copy/pasted the text into Notepad, Wordpad, Open Office, and Gmail, then back into the Coroflot text body (as per suggested, to try to eliminate the formatting). Still no luck.

Whats weird is, this is my old resume (saved and transferred over automatically on Coroflot), that now I cannot publish/save.

One suggestion I do have which may be ambitious enough to take a little more time would be to add a horizontal scrolling display option. This feels a bit more natural for touch displays (to me at least?) and it also better fits the landscape formats of most portfolios’ page layout, at least for mine. :smiley:

Hi everyone. Thanks for the props and feedback. Here are some answers:

  • Job search was not working properly on the first day. It is now stable and you can search for city, state, state abbreviation (like MN), zip code, and straight up keyword.

  • You can now save multiple job alerts. These are basically saved searches, with any sort of search criteria you want. Results will be emailed daily.

  • Horizontal scrolling is a good suggestion. Now that the initial launch is done we’re working on alternate display options such as a slideshow or even back to individual images.

  • The resume character count issue is a result of the WYSIWYG editor and some bugs with that. We expect to have that resolved in another day or two.

Please keep the feedback coming. We’re actively tweaking all the pages now, so things are quite fluid.



The issue with your resume has been addressed. We’ve removed the HTML editor and replaced it with plain text for the time being. Your resume is back online now.