The new Audi A8

The new Audi A8 3.2 FSI is powered by a six-cylinder engine developing 260 bhp, which combines free-revving high performance, refinement and economy all in one. With 40 bhp more power than its 3.0 predecessor, the 3.2 FSI is an engine befitting the sportiest luxury saloon in the premium segment, and a highly attractive entry-level engine for the Audi flagship model.

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I just love the A8 with the pig snout grill. It’s big, it’s fat and so not worth the money. Audi is nothing but a VW wanna be BMW or Benz. I have to admit that all audi’s have amazing interiors with exception of the steering wheel. I know it plays off the ugly grill but it just doesn’t look right with the interior. Audi’s best creation is the TT but again I don’t understand why pay so much for a car that is about as reliable as my Golf (I did have an Audi by the way)

A8 is definitely up there with VW Pheaton - oversized and overpriced.

and don’t get me started on the new jetta - I think German’s have lost their minds - Why did they try to outdo Corolla?

Com’mon… You’re among friends. Tell us what your really think about Audi.

anyone else getting turned off the the seeminglt increasing amount of SPAM on this site. I like the Audi A8 as much as anyone, but take a hike desertAudi!