the never ending timeline

Well, I completed the barn door, then got the closet flooring and trim in, then the bench for the foot of the bed, then the flooring for the bedroom… And now i am about 90% completed with the bed head board.

Nice. What are you doing for night stands? Will you go with wood or contrast it with a solid color?

I’m thinking a solid color, I have some white accents, and all the furniture has back metal hardware.

I’m really thinking white , and then I’ll us rods to mount them as floaters.

That would be interesting. so like a white floating cabinet? I think that would be nice.

Well, i got the shelve’s in this weekend. I like the white contrast but im not sure im 100% sold… Opinions?

I think the white works not only as a color contrast, but also as a contrast between the organic/rustic nature of the wood and the machined/controlled nature of the white shelf… I think you have that white Eames shell chair in that room? If so I would think it pairs nicely (and there you get the contrast of rectilinear to organic form).

The shell chair is still in the living room, but will move up once i get the the trim in for the room.