The Never Ending Cycle!

I recently graduated with an Industrial Design degree. I am having a problem finding anyone who wants to employ someone with NO real world experience, every company I have seen (and I have been browsing for months) wants a minimum of 2 years experience, and if they are asking for that little experience, they usually are inflexible in regards to the type of experience they want. It HAS to be in the same field.

So I guess I have a few questions, since it really seems like there are some very experienced people here:

  1. Should I just ignore what “they” say they want and submit my stuff anyways? or would this be a colossal waste of time for me?

  2. Is there a good place to find jobs for beginning designers? not ones “with a proven track record of blah blah blah”

  3. I have thought about doing an internship, is this a valid way to sneak in the back door, or get experience?

It seems a little embarrassing to be having such a cliche problem, just about every movie and tv show at some point has some character wailing about the “unfairness of it all” , how can they get experience if no one will give them a job?

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or pointers on how to get around this situation. obviously, not everyone has the same circumstances and situations as I do, but in sifting through it I may be able to find a solution for my situation.

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.

Definitely go for the internship if you can, it’ll be an invaluable learning experience. Even if you just graduated, the key is getting your foot in the door, any door, and getting a chance to at least see what level will be expected of you as a benchmark. If you just graduated you can still be flexible with living in moms basement for a year while you’re breaking in to the field, etc. Do what you have to do, remember other pro fields have “apprenticeship?” type of periods where you make crap money, but you get that experience that you desperately need. Keep pushin on, don’t give up. Good luck.

everyone should do an internship…workwise you can learn so much from it, you mature mentally cos you’re working for the possibility to actually get hired (and not just for the pay check) and it’s something to add to your resume which is more then no experience!