The most horrible copycat product ever

Another question for the forum: what is the most horrible copycat product ever. The only thing I could think of was iPod v. Zune.

The Zune was obviously copying Apple without trying anything new. Poorly executed. Poorly marketed. Not even trying to hit a different price point (like Sandisks, also iPod clones).

I am sure there is a Hyundai/Kia copycat fail, but I can’t remember.


The Zune has evolved into something really nice, though.

Meizu M9 - I don’t think this is a horrible copycat product. In fact, I think it’s actually really nicely designed. There’s obvious iPod Touch inspiration (and some cheek from the CEO that Apple ripped them off), but it’s nice.

I actually like that new Zune HD or whatever it is called. I think Astro did it. Very cool and different from anything Apple. I love the exposed screws and facets. It’s more manly and tool-like.

That Meizu is a total rip-off, but it does look as good as a iPod touch. That first Zune was an iPod with poor execution. It looked designed in China.

I think Astro assisted (with many other firms) in the conceptualization of the product, but Microsoft’s Hardware Group ultimately executed the final design. Microsoft has a pretty legit hardware group

I remember one of the execs brought a Chinese knockoff of one of our products, they had copied every single detail, even if they didn’t understand what it was there for. One post-op feature that’s there for adjustment purposes had actually been built into the tooling. We had a good laugh.

Haha same here. We have a beltclip that is supposed to stay on your belt with bulit in ergonomic (big) release-button and the product be detachable, and instead they made a huge non-detachable clip with a button that does nothing.

Sarcastic (yet awesome) youtube review of one of these iphone ripoffs.

One of the hilights? The fake iphone has a decal in place of the sim slot.

The original Joseph Joseph utensils;

And some knockoffs I saw at the store the other day, made by a company called Core Kitchen;

It’s nice that they changed the colors around a big. I hope there is no association with Core77!

If you like this thread. Have a look at the international “design contest” for plagiarism called “Plagiarius”.
The permanent exhibition is in Solingen (near our place).

It is shocking to see how 1:1 copies have increased during time.


BYD cars immediately come to Modern Man’s mind.

This “Hans Andersen” is knocking off damn near EVERY mid-century piece and some contemporary (Grcic) stuff.
It’s out of control…

Holy. . .

My original post was about a company trying to be different while making the same thing, not about knock-offs.

As for Hans Andersen, I think it’s a great thing that all of these designs are in the public domain and fully legal to be copied. I bought about 12 Eames side chairs (replicas) for the office for a pittance. Plus, they are now injection molded, not the originals fiberglass. Makes them a bit more comfy in mho with some flex in the bodies.

The Stool One by Grcic/Magis isn’t public domain. Neither is the Nendo Ribbon stool and there many others.

Are you talking bout things like

Flip Phones, Smart Thermostats, Tablet Computers, Engineered Vacuums.?

I didn’t check, but you would be amazed at how many distinctive products are not design patented or are patented after public disclosure. In fact, I can’t find the stool on Google patents for the US. So, it is actually public domain.

Sain: I think my original post was about stuff copied badly. Kinda like the Chevy HHR was an ugly PT Cruiser, or the Galaxy is an ugly iPhone. Not out and out knock-off, but some product where they were heavily inspired but missed the target.

Bladeless fans

THat’s more like it!

This one is hilarious…the Land Wind

I know it’s more of a knock off but still insane they did it. And yet I wonder, if it’s half the price and better reliability than the Range Rover, would I buy it? I don’t think I could get myself to say “i’m driving a Land Wind”.