The Most Entertaining Job Ad Ever

A sample from the posting:

"Feature main Characters of Movie on website
First Born - Looks like Bruce Lee with Hat
Master Bob - look like couod be Bob Marley
Adams - Mask
Blind Prohet - Round Glasses
Sukuro - Sexy Chick
Bad Muta - Main Bad guy

Treat Twin of Twins Imagery as only a 60% presence vs the Chinese Actor Images
possibly use Multiple Chinese actors from movie as website borders"

What is going on here!?!

What is going on here? From your excerpt portion it almost sounded intelligible. After reading the post I have less of an idea then reading your excerpt. I think they should apply hand to face repeatedly in till it makes sense to them.

I will venture to guess that it is an ad for a web designer to advertise a new film.

The film, however, is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Even the original trailer for ‘Machete’ has nothing on this.

Looks to be a reggae/rasta overdubbed mashup of three classic kung-fu films, and its about. . . I don’t know what its about.

Do I want to see it? Hell yes.

Imagine that we would like the website to be appealing to Tokyo Pop Culture with Jamaican influences.

Finally, the island charm of Jamaica intersects with the Flash of Tokyo Pop culture. Truly a time to be alive.