I found this amazing company called UBC which according to Google must be German. Check out their amazing web page. I love the simplicity of their design. The video is really great. I wish they showed more and that some of it was in English. Sooo pretty. I want one!

You mean this disaster?

I think he means this one, from :

Same designer, much better design.

Better. Yes. But starting from an awfully low bar.

I don’t care much for the seat tube on the “better” design. Sort of works in the 3/4, but horrible in the profile, which tends to be the money shot for bike manufacturers.

What is most revolting about the seat tube is that its cross section is being driven by the seat post clamp and the tail light. wtf. Really should be the other way around.

Why didn’t they go with an integrated seat mast to go with the slammed stem?

And to be nit-picky, the cheap Schwalbe tires they have have terrible grip and will crack in the sun after 18 months.

I actually think the seat tube is ‘loose’, only connected at the bottom bracket. Which would make the whole rear triangle a shock absorber. Not sure how well it works, including countering lateral forces when standing on the pedals… But in any case, it’s safe to say this wasn’t a performance-driven design.

Good catch, I see that now. Looks like something that needs a weight limit, and therefore poorly designed.

Not sure if this was sarcasm or not. :confused:

Product specifications (like weight limit, and a clear metric) are a part of every design I’ve ever worked on.

I’m sad to find out they were all poorly designed. :frowning:

I like this design . If I sat on it though the chainring would probably be digging into the ground.

to quote bikesnobnyc it does look “laterally stiff and vertically compliant”. though probably way too much so, with that unsupported seat tube. the carbon’s clearcoat isn’t going to look very good all scuffed up by the rear tire.

you mean “crabon”…

Except if that seat tube is only attached at the BB, then the weight limit would be less than 10kg. Anything greater than 20kg plus the 75cm moment arm at the seat would snap at the BB at the first RR crossing.

80kg weight limit = good design
10kg weight limit = bad design

Wow that one is ugly! No I mean the second bike pictured in this AWESOME vid. UBC Coren Teaser on Vimeo

If your tires last 18 months then you are not riding enough. I think the concept is cool. Looks sleek and I like the slight departure from the traditional. I am a little concerned about the lever arm created by the seat post only being attached at the BB. I hadn’t noticed the integrated tail light! That’s pretty cool.

Agreed. My comment was responding to the blanket statment “Looks like something that needs a weight limit, and therefore poorly designed.”

If he’d attached realistic numbers to it, I wouldn’t have commented. :wink:

There are major carbon manufacturers building frames, wheels and other components in the US and abroad that have no rider weight limit. To me, backing up the quality of your manufacturing with zero weight limit, while also creating a bike that is UNDER the UCI limit says more about good design than just putting a poorly conceived carbon frame out there and saying “look what we can do!”

Well put. We are in agreement.

Its similar to the design Trek is using on their new Domane except Trek’s has urethane ‘bumpers’. You journeyman engineers will get off watching the video for the ‘IsoSpeed Decoupler’ at the 1:05 mark:

IsoSpeed decoupler

Trek engineers designed a decoupler that allows the seat tube to rotate independently from the top-tube-to-seatstay junction, increasing vertical compliance to twice that of our nearest competitor, without compromising pedaling efficiency. Result: you can ride harder, longer.

And no rider weight limit!

My first thought was of a BMX dirt jumper, and the interaction of his ball sack, the rear tyre and the seat tube.


I commute most everyday from about March 1 to November 1 - spring forward, fall back. The other months are dark when I leave work and are too dangerous to ride. So in that 18 months, I have 14 months of riding with approximately 4,000 miles of riding on those tires. And that doesn’t include my other bikes. I ride enough.

Tread wear and rolling resistance was fine, but the sidewalls were cracking and they have terrible grip. Sidewalls go for one reason, UV exposure - 18 months is not a lot of time.

And that still does negate the fact that the seat tube looks horrible in profile is driven by the seat tube clamp and rear light. The clamp and light should be driven by the seat tube, not the other way around. An integrated seat mast is a better solution.

All bikes have a weight limit, whether it’s stated or not. :wink: