The most amazing thing ever

Gaze upon this picture in awe. I’m surprised the universe hasn’t imploded on itself.

Just felt the need to share. Stumbleupon would be a terrible thing if it wasn’t filled with so much awesome.[/i]

The most amazing thing ever


I don’t know…do the aesthetics of that car fit Vader?

takes off 24/7 design critic hat

Yeah, that’s pretty sweet. You can do funny things with a lot of disposable income!

I’ve always thought Vader was more of an '80’s Merc S class kinda guy. Pretty much the same size as a Death Star…

Wicked pic, thanks for sharing!

what a coincidence. That pic has been my desktop all week!

yeah the Blacked out Atom looks awesome.

Jalopnik had a caption contest running for this photo. :slight_smile:

agree about the merc, but not just any merc…

I have to sdmit I was skeptical about the title of your post but yes, that is completely rad.

I have to admit, I was a bit wary of how well received this would be. I know the atom looks like a streamlined go-kart, but it still makes me giddy every time I see it in action. Have Vader driving it just sent me over the edge.

first the stormtrooper in the elise, then vader in the atom… only thing that could trump this would be boba fett in a… (discuss)

KTM X-Bow?

wow, that might be nail on the head right there!

This sounds like a great racing game, what platform?

On the thread on some lotus board, Fett also rocks the exige, but orange.

you gotta love the TK-421 on the top.

“how did he afford an exige on our hinching salary? I’m still paying off the stanza.”

woooiii… nice drop!! :exclamation:

now someone needs to photoshop in a wookie into a dune buggy.

Is that The Stig?

Since this topic has been resurrected: