The Mont Notebook “The Most Featured Notebook Ever”

What is the best feature you liked in the Mont Notebook? (Check out the video in Youtube)

  • Multicolor
  • Pen Holder
  • Ultra-thin USB
  • Ultra-thin Solar Calculator
  • 2-in-1 Pen
  • Edge Gold Foiling
  • Mintmug Page marker
  • Color Pages
  • Graph Pages
  • Ruler

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The Mont Notebook by Mintmug merges contemporary design with innovative technology for a handwriting experience that gives a new meaning to the practice of note-taking. With a perfect combination of 30+ traditional & modern features, it is your one stop solution for all your writing and creative needs. The Mont Notebooks by Mintmug will be launched on 19th July, 2016 on Kickstarter, one the largest crowd funding platform that helps many creative individuals find resource and support to make their projects a reality.

“The practice and habit of writing has been on hold since the inception of mankind. The beauty of writing on a paper is slowly getting erased from the memories of the people with the introduction of latest technology. Writing opens up our imagination and allows expanding of our thinking beyond the constraints of a keyboard. We have created a tool, The Mont Notebook, which bridges analog and digital worlds by not forgetting the traditional methods of capturing thoughts for a smooth experience.” said Jeena George, the co-founder of Mintmug.

Some of the prominent features of Mont Notebook by Mintmug are edifying monthly and weekly planner, ultra slim solar calculator, ultra slim USB, Mintmug pagemarker, goal tree, edge gold foiling, 25 years’ calendar and business/photo card holder. The lay flatted Mont Notebook provides ruler pages, vertical perforated pages, horizontal perforated pages, color pages, blank pages, isometric graphic paper, cartesian graph paper, dot grid paper and grid paper made purely out of eco-friendly durable paper.