The Materials Show

Hello Core77

I wanted to ask if any members had been to the Material show which is held in Portland and also in Wilmington,

Just wanted to get some feedback to see if it was worth a visit.


I’ve been a few times. It is a great show. Lots of suppliers for materials and components.

It’s pretty helpful if you know what you’re looking for - comparable to the vendor sections that usually get shoved to the back corner of bigger trade shows but here they’re the majority.

I don’t know of that specific event but a hands-on experience with the materials, and seeing that list of attendees, I would definitely go.
Here in the Netherlands we don’t have dedicated shows of that scale, let alone the suppliers. They are in Germany, if anyone knows of something comparable I would like to know.

I am hearing different voices on which plastics are best to use. I would like to subscribe to a magazine or forum to keep in touch with developments in the plastics industry (+critical opinions on materials). If anyone has a recommendation, let me know!

I’ve been to both Portland and Wilmington - of you’re going to travel to one I would highly suggest Portland. Its a great show for footwear materials and finding new partners.

At minimum I make a day trip to the show in Wilmington every year - its about 1/3 the size of Portland with a much smaller group of vendors.