The Maker's Field Guide — Book Release

Hi All,

I’ve just published my first book, called The Maker’s Field Guide. This book is the accumulation of almost a decade of experience working on Senior Leadership positions on multiple in-house R&D teams / labs. I wanted to announce it here first, since the Core77 community has been so good to me (It has been awhile since I’ve contributed to the forums, but I remember following Mike DiTullo and other top industry pros many years ago). If you’re an industrial designer, a design student, or love Adam Savage’s Tested on YouTube, this book is a must! Please check out the book website for more details. The book is also available on Amazon, both as a printed book and Kindle eBook.

To celebrate the book’s debut, use the Promo code Core77-15 at the checkout portal through the book website to receive 15% off all orders for the next 30 days only!

-Christopher Armstrong
Industrial Designer & Product Developer
7+ Years Experience, 35+ Clients Worldwide

Book Expert:
Part how-to manual, part coffee table photo-book, part reference guide to be used literally“in the field” — the maker’s field guide has been designed to be an essential tool in every makerspace, garage, office, or bookshelf of the beginning student, Start-up Entrepreneur, recreational hobbyist, and seasoned professional alike.

This is the first ever guide with in-depth coverage on not only all major state-of-the-art technologies like 3D printing, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting & Engraving, and Computer Aided Manufacturing, but also includes the more old-school or “manual” techniques of prototype making — such as proper use and safety of shop machinery like the band saw, lathe, drill press, table saw, and many more. Until now, these are at the kind of tips, Tricks, and methods you could only find by attending a top-tier design or engineering program, or by working many years in the R&D industry.

Access to over $3.5 Million dollars of ultra high-end, truly state-of-the-art machine equipment is explained in expert detail throughout these pages — showcased through hundreds of high-resolution, large-format images, with dozens of real-world practical project examples by world-class designers who have brought real products to successful market launch.

Available as both an E-Book, or as a high-quality, Heavyweight printed coffee table book made right here in the USA.