the "Like" Button

In a great bit of irony, I would click the “Like” button for Lew’s post,

As I have learned in my career, it is meaningless if I find out whether a customer “Likes” or “Dislikes” a design. Without the why, all it is is background noise.

You don’t even get a quantitative level of “Like”. How do you know if the “Like” is a “meh” or an “OMG”?

But then again I’m old and bitter. Who am I? Why am I here? (bonus point to the one who get’s that reference)

And shouldn’t this be in the Feedback and not General forum?

just sayin’

(“Dislike” anyone who uses just sayin’)

just sayin’

(it’s an ugly loop, isn’t it)

Some forums, such as a vBulletin have something like a “like” button but instead it’s called reputation. You either add to it by “liking” or take away by “disliking”’ both with the option of a comment only seen by the user being “repped”

I agree that this is a discussion forum and we need to offer constructive feedback, however all of us are pressed for time. Sometimes it would just be quicker to read over a topic and “like” a few posts.

Finally I think that if we have something worth saying we will say it, so it doesn’t take anything away from the forum.

It gives people a choice, if they want to contribute further than just a quick ‘like’ they are obviously still able to do so. It gives people an option. Especially when it comes down to newer members wanting to be part of the community and it may be a less intimidating way to interact at first, I know there is a lot of stuff I would have ‘liked’ yet chose not to write anything about it. Not everyone wants to describe in words what it is that made that sketch successful, but if you scroll through and see which sketches have a lot of likes and which ones don’t it is easy to infer what makes a successful sketch.

Needless to say, I would be for the idea of having it.

I think it is interesting how much conversation this has generated so quickly. We have tossed the idea around in the moderators forum a few times. I see both sides of it. For me it is more of a “right on”. A little nod of encouragement to someone you agree with… but then again, I’m an avid Facebook user and I also “star” things on twitter and heart them on instsagram. I think it is an internet reality, like it or not (no pun intended).

I personally don’t want a “Like” button, but would have no problem with it if it came (given the option I’d probably even use it every now and then :wink: ). I can see how you sometimes would want to just show support without saying something specific, whether it be a statement that you really agree with or a cool sketch. I don’t think the option of pressing “Like” will change the actual discussions on the forum, it will just add something to the conversation (that you can ignore if you don’t care for it), as I see it.

But please don’t also include a “Don’t like” button like some forums do (I haven’t heard this being discussed so I don’t think it is being considered anyway?), if people disagree with something and want to show this, the least they should do is explain why they oppose.

Right on.

I don’t know that I have all of my own thoughts and feelings sorted out on this particular topic as I see this discussion as being something of a proxy for the larger debate about how we as a society (and perhaps even a species) fit in with the rapid advances in information technology that we have seen in the last twenty years or so. But sorted or not, here are a couple of my own thoughts…

When I hit the “Like” button on Facebook, it’s generally for one of the following reasons:
1- I agree with what you are saying or I enjoyed whatever you just posted and would like to add my vote of approval to encourage more such thinking/behavior from you. I will also add to my approval by commenting because I liked it just that much and I want to shout it from the mountaintop!

2- I agree with what you are saying or I enjoyed whatever you just posted and would like to add my vote of approval to encourage more such thinking/behavior from you. However I don’t really care enough to want to get too deep into the thread to bother with posting a comment.

3- I agree with what you are saying or I enjoyed whatever you just posted and would like to add my vote of approval to encourage more such thinking/behavior from you. However, I don’t really have any further feedback for you or anything else to add to the discussion apart from “I like it”. Simple as that.

4- I don’t necessarily agree with whatever you just posted, but it does raise a valid point and is worthy of keeping in mind for future discussions (which will likely NOT involve me as this scenario is usually played out on political posts and I try to avoid those polarizing nasty-chats like the plague).

5- I really don’t agree or really care about whatever it is that you just posted, but you hardly ever post anything. Ever. So when you do, I feel some stupid need to encourage you, but I worry that commenting might be overdoing things and I don’t want to frighten you away.

6- I really don’t agree or care about whatever it is that you just posted, but I know you are having a rough go of things right now so I’m going to add my encouragement on occasion, but again, I don’t want to be obvious or overbearing with it.

So thats a list of the common reasons why I, myself, hit the like button. I won’t pretend that its by any means the best or most reasonable way to use a social networking site… but it is how I go about it. For better or for worse.

Having said all of that, I don’t hit that like button all that much - maybe once or twice in a day. When I do use the feature, I want it to retain some measure of meaning, in other words I don’t want to be the guy that “likes” every single post that crops up. Those people annoy me for some reason and I think if C77 were to roll out such a feature, we’d see them show up here as well.

On a tangent from that, it would be interesting to see how many “likes” some of the C77 users get per comment versus others…regardless of the quality of the post itself. I’ve suspected in recent years that there are a few regulars here that have reached a sort of celebrity status and that even the most mundane thing that they post is followed by at least a few fawning comments from the masses. Mind you - I’m not saying it’s right,wrong, or otherwise, its just something I’ve noticed and find interesting from the standpoint of group/social dynamics. But I digress…

One thing that I wonder about is, is the “like” button becoming in and of itself a bit of a binary translator in that anything that gets posted and read is interpreted as either a “non response” (aka “0”) or a “like” (aka “1”) - thus breaking down the collective pile of data that we as a society input into the system into a sort of binary data set of reaction. Just a thought…

So anyway, if you just read through all of that, please accept my sincere apologies.

Just curious, moderators - Why do we have a post counter under our avatar on the left hand side? I can’t help to wander my eyes over there after each comment I read…As if I’m judging the comment and weighing it against how many “stars/comments” are shown.

I understand it gives a cursory picture of the individual, but am I supposed to feel different if their is only 2 posts from the individual rather than 600?

… . . I dunno

Post counter predates me even, so not really sure. I could do without the counter, but I think the levels based on a hidden (or only viewable on the user profile) post count are good.

Post counter I think is useful to give some latitude to a mis-post by a newbie or lend some Fred to a veteran. End of the day though its only a secondary influence. What you say has more value than how long you’ve been here.

We see great stuff from first posters and mistakes from veterans alike. Post count helps moderate that balance.


Agreed on the post counter. Would be nicer to have the stars level indicator alone. Post count is distracting. Nice to see in some cases such as the chain drawing thread where you can tell the person joined just for the thread, but after their repeated posts, even that distinction disappears.

Like buttons, Huffington Post style, “460 fans” indicators, can turn each post response into a political pitting and carefully worded calculation. So for that matter does a moderator indicator.

There are times in discussions where it is getting heated, instead of throwing more fuel onto a fire, a “+1” on a quoted post just indicates agreement in the most mild way possible.

Lend some Fred to a veteran… I like the sound of that.

If it is a conversation at a table, most speakers do notice nods and quiet agreements. If it’s a bigger assembly - well, I’ve never seen polite clapping stopping a Q&A session.

Personally, I quite like what are doing. There, you can “thank” users for their posts.

Well, it doesn’t appear that there is a consensus to add the feature (it also appears to be something tricky to add to a phpbb forum) so we’ll have to table it for another time.

Thanks for the lively discussion, all.