The kind of Industrial Design that I like to see.

I’m getting rigged up for my first cross-country motorcycle trip in quite awhile. I bought a new Shoei Multitec helmet, found a set of soft saddlebags to replace my ancient Krauser system, gloves, new boots, and this:

The Travel ER personal emergency data storage device that provides a .pdf Printable Emergency Records Report

A standard procedure is to inventory your wallet and other personal effects if you are non-responsive when you require medical treatment. It comes with an alerting decal for you to place on one of your identification cards (i.e. Driver’s License or Insurance Card) to alert emergency personnel that you are carrying the device. I’m putting the sticker on my helmet.

Kinda cool for $30USD.

it seems like good information to have on you, but that looks like a run of the mill USB memory stick.

Does it do anything special?

I use the Road ID when I bike, run and swim. Easily attaches to your ankle. Road ID has all your health and contact info the first responders can pull up on the product, phone and online. Sells for $19.95. Go to for details.

This would be good if the USB had extra protection from breaking. God forbid you get in an accident or ride into water, a regular USB might not make it either.

Does it do anything special?

Yeah, it’s obviously all off-the-shelf hardware (except for the enclosure); and the form is nothing extraordinary at all.

I just like the idea of $.75 worth of components being combined to possibly saving someone’s life. The Printed Emergency Records Report output file in .pdf might be the difference for someone.

Design, for a reason that is beneficial to people.

Too bad it doesn’t work for win98 or Mac osX (as stated on the link), are they secretly trying to weed those users out :wink:

I always had the idea to tattoo that kinda data on my arm…I still haven’t done it…but considering the amount of accidents I had lately I should definitely consider it :wink:


Just like on Memento…

Great movie!

How about a bar code tattoo so they just scan you?
Actually, why not just put the bar code with the info on the ID where the sticker is that say’s “I have a USB on my person”
It’s less likely to get damaged, and one less thing you have to carry around.

It’s funny, I’m not sure if it is because I’m getting older, or if our culture is more focused on these things in general, but I remember going to Korea, Taiwan, and China on little more than a wing and a prayer… and now if I’m going on a 5 mile mile jog I make sure my wife’s contact info is on me in case I get run over or I feel odd… maybe it’s just the Boston drivers though.

Or, we could just jump straight to…

LMO…I am not sure if on your helmet is the right place. If you’re riding a motorcycle…I could see that getting scraped of pretty quickly if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident.

I put my info on the inside of the helmet… bicycle helmet anyway.

There’s no “hard surface” on the inside of this helmet (other than the back of the face shield), but that’s a very good point. The back of my Driver’s License would be a better choice; my paper insurance card is so flimsy I doubt that it will last the full year.

Which leads me to think about that magnetic strip that is already on the back of my Driver’s License… I wonder what Big Brother already has encrypted on it?

Hmmm. Anyone know of a “universal card reader” that could be used- to read the various magnetic strips in our lives?

it’s probably just a long serial number… or is it!?

You know, maybe just a card in your wallet with a web link might be the best, then info can be easily added and there’s no danger of damaging the electronics. Maybe even a medcard service… $20 for a permanent page link

Everyone is onto some good ideas. Now were designing thinking, or are we?

or are we thinking design?

I was really expecting it to see Victorinox® on it somewhere :wink: … legit URL, just not for this card.

You know, maybe just a card in your wallet with a web link might be the best

I like that even better, a solution to a problem without another product.

I heard an excellent story lately about a consultancy contracted to design a new navigation system for patients in a hospital. The client pretty much had a technological product-y system in mind.

The designers flipped the project on it’s end and set up an elderly volunteer workforce that stood in the lobby and personally guided patients around the hospital. It put a human face on the problem, gave people a way to be a part of society, probably cost less, and was arguable a much better solution…