The Job Bounce. Anybody try it?

Fresh out of school and I’m feeling the like the freshest fish ever, or rather the most rotten fish ever! Nobody will touch me! :smiley:

I had a conversation with a friend who is doing quite well in a non ID field(although it is creative) and she said that the best way to get up and up is to job bounce. “Job bounce?” I asked. The idea is that you start low and you jump from place to place in a short amount of time, building up your career while moving up the rank. You start as a junior at once place then go mid the next and then you get to senior. She made manager(the title is somewhat questionable because there a lot of managers in her office, but for 70k hey!) in four years out of school. So, has anybody here done that? And does it really work?

One of my flatmates also does it but she tends to move laterally, she graduated with a degree in Illustration but now works as a copyright editor/layout editor for a publish co.

You make it sound so easy to first find a job, then to find another, and another. There are people who are extrememly qualified with a vast knowledge of design who can’t find a job.

When you are called in to interview for the second job or third job, one of the first questions they will ask is why you left the other jobs. If you are offered positions every six months and move from one to another, then you have a areason. If you say you left just because you wanted to and no other real reason, they may question your commitment to your position. Why would they hire someone who hasn’t maintained a steady job for longer than six months…especially at a higher level position.

If it works, good for you but I believe that unless there is an obvious reason, a minimum of a year at a job, preferably 2, would be much more appealing than someone who has had 3 or 4 in the same amount of time.

HA! I didnt mean to make it sound so easy. Trust me, I’m going through it right now!

And I have to question how my roommate does it, she has not stayed at a job since being out of school for more than 8mo’s. Maybe she’s good with the words? As for my friend, she is always always looking even if the job is her dream job.

Having a lot of jobs and a short amount of time at each job reflects poorly on you. Employers invest money in getting you up to speed at their company. If they see you’re moving around every 12 months they’re going to immediately wonder “is this guy going to leave before this project is even finished?”

Likewise a good employer will recognize you and promote you accordingly. If you work somewhere for 5 years you aren’t still going to be a junior designer.

The motivation behind moving jobs should really be about advancing your career, about wanting a change of pace/scenery, not just “ooh this business will give me a promotion”.

Focus on getting your foot in the door and then paying attention on what opportunities they are to move up in the ranks, whether its internally or externally. If you go in with the motivation and mentality of moving from place to place in a short amount of time it’ll probably backfire.

bad idea.

you will have a resume that will have to explain why you left each position before anyone takes you seriously.

if you’re going to bounce, why not just freelance?

I wouldn’t even call you in for an interview with that many jobs in a short period of time. Because it looks like you aren’t committed. It may work very easily in some professions, but I don’t think most.