the irony booklight comments please

Hi all, I am close to finishing a piece just for myself. Just wanted to put it out there for comment. It comprises of an unlit suspended classic incandescent lamp. Imprinted on the lamp is the text “I am reading the lamp by the light of the book”
Below the suspended lamp is a light object powered by flat led panels through a semi translucent ‘solid surface material’ on a laminated plywood base.
The viewer would approach the piece to get close enough to read the text being: “I am reading the lamp by the light of the book” hence “the irony book- light” Please comment you guys are the first to see. and this is my first piece I have put “out there”

Thanks for looking.

Where would someone be encountering this? An art gallery? Seems to fit into the category of Para Design. Does your work typically cross over into more of an art statement vs function based product?

Hi Michael, that is incredibly perceptive, I have pondered “what genre” I would put this piece in, I am still not sure :confused: Perhaps a "conceptual art object? its the closest I can get. It is a project that has been organically gestating for about 12 years. In as far as context I do see it in a gallery, foyer of a library or perhaps a particularly minimalist environment.

For comparison I have attached another image of my work “counterpoint” tallboy. The holes which continue all the way trough are to maintain the center of gravity and further lower it. through the removal of material (Via the holes) It invites the observer to deconstruct the logic of the hole placement positioning. Logic is beauty! whilst ameliorating stability issues.

“Does your work typically cross over into more of an art statement vs function based product?” sometimes well mostly I guess. like a sculptor, an Architect, and an Industrial designer all diligently and without ego debating every constraint and opportunity in my head. unfortunately with my private projects, commerciality is rarely considered. Basically its all about things that appeal to me.
Michael, could you please enlighten me on “para design” I am intrigued but unable to find any definitions.

The term is not very widely used but SFMOMA did a show on the topic which they defined as such:

ParaDesign gathers objects from SFMOMA’s architecture and design collection that question the norms, habits, and conventions of design. The prefix para (whose meanings include “beyond” and “abnormal”) has not previously been applied to design, yet marks a central focus of the museum’s architecture and design collection. Exhibition highlights include Diller + Scofidio’s His/Hers, bath towels embroidered with cheeky aphorisms; and James Welling’s 0469, a colorized photograph of Philip Johnson’s iconic Glass House.

Thanks Michael! extremely helpful indeed

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Keno, I love it.