The interview - cat got my tongue...

Hi Guys!

I sent a prospective resume to a leading Spanish fashion brand and got a call back saying they want to meet me via video-conferencing, in their London office. I am UK based.

I am applying for the Homeware Design department. My background is ceramic product. I have never worked in-house before, only freelance.

What are the core skills I should be showcasing for a Homewear Designer position within a highstreet fashion label?

Also, at the end of the interview when they say: “do you have any questions you would like to ask us?” - what do you tend to ask about?

Thank you so much!

PS - Richard, thank you for advice with my previous question. I got an interview and was flown to Mallorca, didn’t get it in the end, although they said it was a difficult decision and it boiled down to experience (my lack of). The company was Camper. Bummer.

It is always smart to ask about the company internal prototyping capabilities. Simply asking the question means you know all about prototyping. :wink:

Secondly if you know the company uses one specific software or another ask them how many seats of the software they own.

Ask them about their quantities. That’s always a good question for a product designer. How many of one specific item to you make for market with the current manufacturing processes?

anyone else?

I always pick a product I like and ask something about it. Or their process, but definitely ask something its shows your interested and curious in general. I have had a lot of people tell me curiosity is a really high on their list of must haves for new hires.

maybe about styling inspirations for their design language… it would be good to understand early on ( to be ready for your first day :sunglasses: ) plus it would help you understand the philosophy behind the branding they develop, if its not obvious…

good luck!

Thanks guys, this is all very helpful. :slight_smile:

Had the interview, went well. I learnt more about the company and I am flexing my interview skills, but I am not as crazy about working for them as I was before. It sounds incredibly stressful.

i know it’s a bit late but i always ask about what staff turn over is like both company wide and in design if honestly answered this gives you what sort of place it is to work in and also suggests to them that you are intrested in the job for the longterm (probably a good thing to suggest if you’ve previously been freelancing), i know there are a few companies that i would think twice about working for just based on the fact that they always seem to be hiring the same positions and i doubt they have been experiencing the sort of growth to require to unless alot of people have been leaving

Don’t worry about the stress level. A lot of companies will let on in interviews that their work environment is very fast paced and high stress (whether it’s true or not), just to shake out the weaker applicants. Good luck.