The Instant Pot

There have been so many failed start-ups in the kitchen appliance category the last few years, but the Instant Pot has been a runaway success. Sure, the industrial design could use some help, but it’s hard to beat its practicality and engineering. I’m adding this to my Christmas wish list.

Who says nothing good comes out of Canada? :smiley:

I watched that this Sunday as well. A lot of the most classic kitchen appliances started as purely functional designs… though I don’t know if this will ever get into the parthenon of trophy appliances that includes the Kitchenaide mixer, Dualit toaster, and Waring Waterfal blender… but you never know.

i liked my grandma’s pressure cooker better - to many darn buttons on these new things.

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shall i go on about how many more great things come out of Canada :wink:

Looks like it needs an app :slight_smile:

Alan Alda was born in the great Canadian city of New York. :wink:

opps… well we thought we would take him in trade for Justin B. and celine dion :wink:

Well isn’t this ironic, the video is not available in Canada.

Anyhow, I found this great and informative video from my government funded broadcaster. :laughing:

I think the basis for the product certainly has wings. It replaces a bunch of usually cheaply made, painful and large products into a single item. Its really interesting that the product took off from grassroot marketing. Sure it’s essentially the Tupperware model but it seems to go against the grain of a lot of technology products that get very large in your face marketing and publicity efforts in order to get mainstream acceptance. It’s also a really interesting way to play social media to get acceptance to a disruptive product.

The design seems to be lacking, both aesthetically but especially in terms of user relation. It would be an interesting study on how it could have been done better. It seems part of the experience is giving the user something familiar to other products and the other part is to have all the functions available to the user.

I love that the Instant Pot has taken off without any of the fancy marketing tactics associated with some of the biggest failures in the consumer market. No big designer name, no fancy exotic materials or colors; just a useful clever device with good engineering.

no touch screen
no multicolor display
no app
no high end banding
no highbrow design

Not every succesful product is a good design, and not every good design is a successful product.

There is always something to be said for taking a product that was very utilitarian, and works amazingly and do nothing more then truly simplify its use. i.e all that has truly been added is a simple timer per various items.

Although i did love waiting for the weight to start too wiggle and jiggle and whistle while at grandmas house. :wink:

Nice story on the Instant Pot’s background in today’s NY Times.

Saw this pop up the other day, my wife is a vegetarian so my dreams of easy and fast pulled pork may be unrealistic, but I’m going to keep an eye on this, could be a worthwhile gadget to replace the crock pot and rice maker. With a baby on the way anything that will save me time can take my money.

We got an Instant Pot for the holidays, love the little thing. I’ve already used three different functions out of the six or seven it claims. The design could probably be more elegant, but for now it’s good enough for its functions.

These are fantastic and worth every penny if you enjoy cooking.
I was hesitant at first, but after 2 years of hard use and minimal maintenance its become my favorite appliance.

I should have known it would be a winner by the “congee” button.


If anyone on the Boards wants mine, pay for the packing and shipping and its yours.

Used maybe twice.

I just saw this today. I didn’t know Instant Pot was bought/owned by Corning, makers of Pyrex. Aldo didn’t know it was Canadian.

We use ours almost daily. Just happened to use today making a bolognese.

Private Equity kills so many good ideas.

Aka investor greed.

Its interesting that it was considered the killer app for the rice cooker and the slow cooker but it has died instead.

From what I read, they borrowed $450 million to expand. I did see a flood of “Instant” branded gadgets in stores lately. I don’t know whose fault it was, but they massively overestimated the demand for “Instant” products.

On the good side, hopefully the founder is free to start another company now, hopefully in Canada!

recetté SVP

maybe I give it one more try

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