The Image of the Jaguar Driver

The Image of the Jaguar Driver: What is the image of the Jaguar driver? Who is he/she? Where does he/she live? What does he/she wear? Where does he/she eat? If I were to compose a design direction/influence panel what would it look like?

looks like a hyundai owner but wealthier

Why must students use Core for their research?
Do they think because some other person in their field gives them answers, that those answers are correct?
Is it because they are lazy?
Or because they need to be taught how to research something?

jeeeeeeeezus Pat, lighten up wouldja!

well off retired into collecting more british cars.

People who like XJs appreciate a classic sense of balance and proportion. The lines on an XJ are exquisite. They are more about cosmetics than performance, as a BMW could easily outperform. People who are into any other line of Jaguars except for formula cars, are just plain retarded. haha.

…People that frequently stop to remind you “I’m not gay, I’m British.”

ahahahahahahahaha. That’s Brilliant!

‘jaguar drivers…are either mobsters or lawyers’

I would say that the consumer actually varies somewhat, from place to place.
Having moved to the States from the UK - I can appreciate that the brand is viewed slightly differently here then there - where the demands of the vehicle are not the same. I have also noticed marked differences from state to state - variations based on wealth, accesibility and brand image.

The ‘Mobsters & Lawers’ quote is a fine response - a fun way to see the Jaguar driver, and is probably close, to the truth - as early, powerful Jaguars were often employed as getaway vehicles… probably stolen from the parking lots of law firms!

Seriously though - it is mostly about brand heritage, and those people who know, remember, and understand this. The type of person whose father owned a Jaguar, back in the day when they made great luxury performance vehicles. It’s all about nostalgia!

It’s just a shame to see that the modern Jaguar is not as ‘raw’ or unique as its predecessors.

“Retro” this and I’ll be the first in line to buy one.

Have a look at different demographic data. I would put the jaguar driver in the section of A1.

Not sure if your familiar with demographic grouping and data - this is your best bet of building up a profile of a jaguar driver.


These are the different section within which people of different demographic background are placed, if this is to due with a research and you mentioned demographic im sure it will work to your advantage.

Probably someone whith a lot of class, wears a Tissot, maybe…

LMO, I’m with you.

Like the Cortina pic, too, by the way.


… yeah d, I HAD a '64 MkI for about five years … had to sell it when I moved to California in '79 … . … stupidist thing I have EVER done.

I would absolutely cream on a contemporary D-type, especially if it were as minimalist as the original … open cockpit and all.

Here’s another great Cortina GT shot for ya…

The people I usually see getting out of XJ’s in Cincinnati resemble Stifflers’ mother from the American Pie movies - golden hair, overloaded w/ David Yurman jewelry, glistening metallic lips, real Naples Fla. tan and God, you hope they’re premiscuous and on the rebound due to the ex-husbands new 26 yr. old trophy wife! Drivers of the XK-8 coupe are different altogether. They are middle-aged men with a very discriminating design sense. They loved the lines on the XK-E and want a more modern package. Hell. They probably own one of those as well. The XK series couldn’t approach the old SL 500 for sheer drivability or build quality but for its sex appeal alone it will be a classic. When you pull up in front of the Ruth’s Chris in this, you get the same reaction as if in a Range Rover or 360 Modena.[/b]

Two words. Ford Taurus

Nice Pic! Accept my condolences to the loss of your Cort. A friend of mine was interested in one on this coast, near York PA. But you probably have access to better ones over in CA.

I have been surrounded by Triumphs my entire life (have an 80 TR8, a 71 Spitfire, and an 03 Speed Four), and therefore British cars at shows, etc. I guess you could say I’d be a potential Jag owner, though neither lawyer or mobster.

If I could roll every day in an XK120, 140, E-type OR XJS (coupe/FHC), I’d be happy. Well, until something broke…

Oh yeah - but the best contemporary one (to me) in the RD-6 concept:

I can buy the E-type or XJS but there is no way a 120 or 140 or 150 is a car to drive everyday. Its one thing to drive them on a track or for a couple of hours on the weekend, but everyday the seats are way too uncomfortable and they ride like a truck. You have to stop and pee every 30 minutes.

As for a Jag user profile, a more famous owner also had these items:
One frilly lace cravat
One pair Italian leather boots
One male sex symbol medallian and chain
One Burt Bacherat album
One Swedish made penis enlarger

Also, my favorite Jaguar joke:
Why do the English drink warm beer?
Lucas refrigerators.