The Great Mac vs. PC debate

Hi All,

Trying to present cost justification to my employer to shell out a few bucks for some design software/hardware. If anyone can add some insight I would be hugely grateful!

The Software:

I am a long time Adobe user and have no experience with former Macromedia programs. Have never had serious issues running Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign on my XPS laptop, but now I am looking to make the jump into CS3 and begin using video/2d animation features like Flash, Dreamweaver, and After Effects. I would love to add a 3D cad program like Rhino or 3D Max/Maya, but I think that will come later.

Also, our company has many hours of video footage of our product, 70 hours, with more to add over time. I would like to create interactive presentations/instructionals/slideshows/web movies to highlight our product using pictures, movies, and animations.

The Hardware:

I am trying to figure out the performance/cost difference between a Mac Pro and a Dell Precision… or even an iMac or lesser pc. I suspect that the Mac Pro would be the best way to go, but I am not exactly sure how to present this. Would a lesser computer like an iMac run into problems if I use it for video editing? Is there a huge jump in quality? My employer wants to spend as little as possible, and everyone in the office uses PCs, so a Mac is totally foreign to them.

My laptop is a couple years old and the hard drive is on borrowed time, so I will have to pick something… I don’t believe the current video card (factory built ATI Mobility 9700) is enough for what I want to do? I would appreciate any opinions on hardware selection.



My insight would be to do a search cause this is probably the 5000th time this has been asked. I would suggest adding the word “pratt” in the search field.

ok, well I didn’t see the topic in the first 3 pages, so I will dig deeper