the google ads: friend or foe?

core77 is my homepage for my browser, i like to be greeted with interesting inspiring design clips. but i really dont know what to think of those google ads. today it was all for designer plumbing and sales on bidets. i mean if they were reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly relevant to design then i would have nothing to say.

i kinda find them funny though. i mean who designs bidets?
and what “doctor reccomends” them?
why do you need them up there? whats the deal?

The google ads are supposed to be “context sensitive” meaning they are relevant to the content on the page. At this time there is a blog entry about a toilet seat. Apparently the terms 'toilet seat" and “bidet” rank so much higher than the thousands of uses of the term “design” on the home page that the ads are all about toilet seats and plumbing.

Also, Google determines, on the fly, which ads will earn the publisher the most money at any time, and then serves up the most profitable ads. So it seems that the advertisers who have chosen the keywords of ‘toilet’ and ‘bidet’ are paying a lot more than the design firms that have bought the keyword of ‘design.’

Why are those ads there you ask? In short, they pay the bills around here. So do us all a favor and click on those toilet seat and digital plumber ads. That helps keep the whole thing going!

no i know they pay the bills. im just causing trouble here. hahah. i think its hilarious that the page was canvased with things about bidets though.