The Good Journey (research)

I am about to start a project, the brief is to design or re-design a product that improves or makes a persons journey more enjoyable. It begins by saying that this can be yours or someone else’s. It can be anything from a vehicle to an accessory but the focus is to make the journey more enjoyable. The journey can be any journey from driving a car to walking.

Before deciding on the transport I will focus on I wanted to know what you dislike about your daily commute and why?

Responses would be greatly appreciated

I will focus on I wanted to know what you dislike about your daily commute and why?

So, the “journey” is now limited to getting to work. … . ?

I equate a journey to a long distance, over an extended period of time.

I never thought of it like that you are correct it is not limited to getting to work at all, any problems experience in any journey are welcome. I generalised it only because my research so far has found that most problems have been with commuters as they make a journey daily.

I think you should have this conversation with people you know. Interview family and friends, ask them about their commute or journey. Ride along on their daily commute. Make observations first hand.

I hate my commute because I can’t do it on my bicycle anymore. I love my commute because it’s the only time of day where I can be alone with my own thoughts.

However, I don’t consider my commute a journey at all. I consider my life a journey.

I drive for 40mins each way to work through country roads as I work an hour from the city in a rural town. I love the drive but believe that long-term it would become a problem because of rising oil prices. I’d catch a train if there was one.

I am going down to london for a few days this week to experience rush hour and general traveling. I like your idea as this would also add to my reasearch

I like that I can walk to work. I don’t like that it takes me 15 endless minutes.

I have a 45 min commute to work. It is against traffic, on all back roads that winds through the woods. I have some of the best veiws in NJ of rural towns, horse farms, and the true sense of what the garden state truly stands for. During the fall the trees a changing and in the spring everything is nice and vibrant. Most of all it is very soothing and inspirational.

I actually love my commute. The reason is all of what I have stated above. If it was the opposite with traffic, commuting on the highway, or sitting on a train for an hour or two (been there) I would hate it. My love for my commute is because it is relaxing and gives me time to myself. It gives me a chance to think about what the day is going to bring and how i am going to attack it. It allows me to reflect on my day on the way home and if the day was a challenging one I get a chance to cool down and unwind. But this would not happen if everything stated before was not there.


Since you are doing research in london, it might be a good idea to say specifically which area you are targeting, as the solution to your journey, if commuting to work, may be a bit different depending on location. What works in london, may not be applicable to people elsewhere.

Funny thing, I am doing a similar project, anyways going back to your original question, … I commute daily 2 hours to work and 2 hours back. I hate it because im losing 4 hours of my day doing something completely unproductive. I’ve tried everything, but the time spent on the road is never truly satisfying. I’ve tried listening to music, enjoying the scenery, looking at cars, singing, dancing, listening to audio books, talk shows, calling people, reading, drawing whenever im not moving, everything… all in all, I hate being forced to being unproductive with my time.

I commute daily 2 hours to work and 2 hours back. I hate it because im losing 4 hours of my day

4 hours a day, five days a week … 20 hours a week in addition to the "40 " at work; half your salary.

Been there … unsustainable.

Holy cow, Lmo.

I never thought of it that way, darn, that is depressing.

Holy cow, Lmo.

I never thought of it that way, darn, that is depressing.

All things being equal, you’re working until noon on Sunday… … . put another way, you get Sunday afternoon off.

Haha, lmo. What you trying to do man. Except Saturday Sunday I’ll be working for free… No wonder I never feel rested during the weekends, I only been getting Sunday afternoon off!

Found infographic about traffic on autoblog today.

Very good point raised there with 20 hours a week spent being unproductive.


How would you guys feel about having a carriage on a train just dedicated for working people i.e. having your own little cubicle to work in with mod cons such as internet, table for laptops, ipads etc?? This way one could spend more time at home and the hour plus spent on a train can be spent doing work.

My old business partner used to say, “There are 24 hours in a day, if you need more time, work nights!”

Thank you for your replays so far, there has been some good advice and answers.