The Generic Brand Video

Got a huge kick out of this video (originally on FastCo). Just like the design thinking thread, this video captures perfectly the trend in ads nowadays.

The funny part is that it’s an ad for the company selling stock video clips… made by themselves. It’s a ballsy move… making fun of your customers I mean.

I always find myself thinking about the actors in crappy ads. They have to look so inspired, but they are probably thinking, “I bet Ted Danson never had to put up with this crap.”

Really cool. Which one of us on this board has a internal or external video like this?

I want to do one for our brand, with sarcasm.

I look at it as a nice blueprint. :slight_smile:

The image stuck in my head is Ted Danson on “Bored to Death” waxing poetic about women’s armpit hair. Such a cringe worthy moment that I could not imagine anything more embarrassing.

In the same link as above, also found these two video, which are also looked at as a formulaic trend in corporate consumerism videos.

and the response

And then there is this:


I like the Cadillac ELR one. I think they nailed it. They are getting me to consider their brand. Doesn’t hurt that the car is pretty hot when you see it in person.

Thanks for that! Unfortunately each part of the rest of my day was a real world collage accompanied my the soundtrack in my head “__________? We got that B roll!”

The Cadillac ad appears to be a Rorschach test. The discussions of the meanings and interpretations online are very polarized. Not weighing in on either side of that, the underlying structural mechanics and chords they are both strumming are pretty amazing.

I think if the Cadillac ad was from 2001, I think we would really laugh it off. The fact that they’ve had three generations of competitive product helps make the boasting feel like it might be justified confidence. Muhammad Ali can brag and be cool, no matter how over the top. Some guy that got KOed in a golden gloves fight would seem deluded. I think that is probably how the response divides. If you think that Cadillac can make a great car, you will find the ad humorous. If you think they make junky rebadged crap, you will feel like it’s just another American company blowing the nationalist bugle while Rome is burning.

I think the ad does it’s job that way. It is meant to polarize, to push people who were maybe on the fence into one camp or the other. I think that is what they need to do right now. Make noise, make people talk about them. By making a polarizing spot they are initiating a conversation amongst people who maybe never thought much about them, and that is good.

Much more subtle, but the Audi “Progress is Beautiful” ad from a few years back took a shot straight at Mercedes. One of the best ads ever I think from the standpoint of making a clear polarizing position (this car is for forward thinking affluent people who like change) but they delivered it in a very clever way (didn’t hit you over the head like the Caddy spot) in my opinion. I think Caddy needed to hit you over the head. Maybe next year they can afford to be subtle.