The Generational Narrative

From the Dieline

‘The US vodka industry has failed to address that within the next five years, Gen Y will account for a quarter of the population,’ says Stefanie Marco, US Director of Marketing and Mixology for Gripsholm Distillery. 'They are the Internet Generation, whose ideals and expectations are more honest and refined than their Gen X predecessors. Kanon is a super-premium-quality vodka by virtue of the product itself, rather than of driven-up price-points and false promises of access to a ‘“models-and-bottles”’ lifestyle.’

It’s about time. I’ve grown tired of Sean Combs (I hate using his other name(s)) pushing Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka down my throat every chance he gets. I want quality for quality sake, not for fashion sake.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to this kind of stuff lately. I’m kind of stoked to see it manifested in product development.

The recurring theme is the little hero’s are going save the world. Maybe they are smarter and more caring but can they come up with the good ideas:

Huh? I don’t quite get it, they’re making Vodka in what seems like a more responsible, sustainable way, that’s great, everyone making anything should strive for the same.

Through some marketing schill they connect this with Gen Y? Is finding what upcoming generations care about and then marketing to that appeal something new?

Here’s something that’s honest and refined from a Gen X’er; don’t pitch me greenwashing bullshit when selling a product whose sole purpose is to get me hammered and call it “responsible”.

Nice packaging, I like the crossed cannon crest offset by the trendy label.