The gates

Once again, the gates are tossed in my face. I can’t remember the last time that an art installation has caused so much publicity.

I saw them on Discovery channel last night:

Core 77 this morning:

Now even on my favourite underground news source, Cryptome:

Plus I’ve seen them on CBC Newsworld and CNN.

Other than the extravagent cost…I don’t understand why really. It’s not particularly ugly…but not all that beautiful either.

However, the thing that bugs me the most about it is that it looks like an ING commercial. I’m wondering if we won’t see ads in a month with the ING guy standing in front of these things.

“Save your money”

Any thoughts?

now i had to hear about them on the message boards

its a bunch of crock, its absolutly NOTHING at all. It has no meaning and nothing artistic about it.

It’s along the lines of abstract art, where anything and anything is “Art”.


I did “something” therefore its art.

talent vs. anything/nothing

Oh yeah, saw it on a local (Singapore) art supplement this morning. Well, I guess not many people there, are happy with it.

Usually I like their work. The Reichstag in Germany, the islands , the bridge in Paris all where amazing. However for me the beauty was the scale and power of the art. The gates are just overpowered by Manhattan, they just do not have the impact of the past work. However from an engineering and logistic standpoint they are impressive

  1. Sorry Bryan.

  2. I heard an interview with the artists and a professor of fine arts last night on CBC radio.

The professor was saying that the Gates represents this wild reversal of our normal priorities in life (capitalism, consumerism, although he did not use the words).

How is blowing $21 million on an art project, which is clearly linked to your own name, breaking out of the box? Because it is only going to be up for two weeks? Well, nothing last forever. Even the pharoah’s great pyramids will one day return to dust. They are just shortening that time table.

I don’t know the artists well enough, but from my distance it seems like they are just showing off, which is normal in society. The ultimate bling bling.

if I didn’t know better, i’d say money laundring/pocketing.

oh wait, i don’t know better… MONEY LAUNDRING!