the future home?

hi everyone,

what do you think the future home will be like?

we are already seeing the office heavily dispersing due to technology and social change. this shift, inevitably means more home workers.

what will the future home office contain?

any cool web-sites on future technology, materials, trends, etc. would be very much appreciate.

stay inspired : )


for home building you have to use the material and design that meets the standards and regulations. so future homes will basically have to go through the same process as far as engineering is concerned. as for architecture there would be a lot more flexibility specially when it comes to philosophy of design. future homes will progress towards emotion. places where people experience their own inner selves. whether it’s childhood/adulthood sensibilities or a series of composed spaces that reveal important experiences of the individual or individuals.

the architect becomes a real portrait artist too. in a sense he / she is the creator of a unique space for a client that does not have the capability to do it without help.

architecture, so far, has been the science of dealing with living spaces, shelter, and/or accomodation . but now it has past that stage. current technology, specially modern electronics and new material give the architect the possibility to go beyond the rigidity of matter and experiment with things that are less important to what we know as architecture but more important to the person for whom it’s designed for as emotion.

so all those great architectural pieces of the past are actually mere visions or emotions of an architect as a builder and an artist. but now the architect becomes a specialist in the science of creating a false space. somewhere that does not belong to him or a time period or a style but someplace that speaks a code or a language particular to it’s own.

thanks ufo.

i was thinking more about what products and furniture will vacate the future home.

technology (especially wireless) will re-invent the way the home is used. are we going to see strange hybrids of ergonomic furniture + super-technology?

what is the future of domestic furniture? what will the family of the future be like?

i cant help thinking that it could be a scary place. an environment where little family interaction occurs. a household so dependant on technology that it forgets habits and tradition.


yeah i’m scared already. lol. familiy of the future will have a GE logo tatooed on their ass.

but seriously, from a business perspective, we’re not living in jack’s reality. we’re living in the age of a wider communication where ideas develop super fast and the best ideas win because people find it useful. it’s not because someone wants to sell something and knows how to do it. that’s the usual bull they give you in business schools when they pump you up for marketing. but the reality is if the product or the service you offer, in this case home furniture, electronics, appliances, etc, is out of range from what’s going on culturally and economically it will hit the bottom fast. better get used to the new reality. no business idea works if it’s planned long term. in modern age time and value have different meanings. so don’t think long term as something belonging to tradition unless you want to fail in the future world. human values and cultural progress will flourish only in those places where people have the correct tools to work with and are able to differentiate on a high level. so don’t think you have the right idea, first, because the the environment evolves faster by minute, and second, because there’re a lot of factors you need to consider beside human values . you might want to research effectiveness of a product and things of that nature rather than the object itself as a yes or no deal.
that goes for furniture and interiors as well.

i think we’ll see a host of futuristic ideas along with updated traditional ones . things like robots that walk around the house are already out there. furniture robots and objects that have a few more functions than they normally do. well, look at the office chair. before it was a few pieces of wood with stuffed leather. now it has become adjustable, light, and practically fitting the body and it’s movements. in future you might be able to walk or fly with your chair. who knows. but idon’t think this has anything to do with family. it’s just like you’d find the fridge useful for your home, you’ll find these other objects useful for your living. otherwise you just wont bother with it.

as for decorative, luxury or ornamental objects or furniture that carry certain cultural characteristics purposefully or try to convey a traditional image, i think those will somehow exist too but they will transform as well.

As a man of the future. . .

At the current rate of consumption fueled by we . . . .

The home of the future will resemble a small hole in the ground covered by what ever the occupant could scavenge or kill his/her neighbour for.

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“what do you think the future home will be like?”

well, if you’re over the age of 60, that home may very well have wheels on it…and supposedly, that age is dropping as people retire earlier.

i’m a transportation fanatic, so this topic is of keen interest to me. people, like most objects, have two states: rest and motion.

it’s curious that these two states can co-exist in a product that serves as dwelling and transportation…that product being an RV (recreational vehicle).
in addition, it’s not unusual to see RV’s towing other forms of transportation like cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

given that an RV can cost as much as a house,

some people that have RV’s have totally given up any form of permanent residency and have adopted a transient lifestyle. so, for a certain demographic of people, there are those who, instead of seeking larger households, look towards larger RV’s. it would be interesting to see suburbs that converted from houses to RV’s. the architecture would be under a constant state of change.

“freedom from property taxes, lawn care, house maintenance and repair, the routine of life in the city or suburbs, the same old change of seasons, the same old neighbors, the same old neighborhood, or simply the bitter cold of winter and the oppressive heat of summer.”

RV’s allow the user to change the scenery surrounding their mobile architecture. so, for some, their future home is whereever they can park.

A better aesthetic integration of gadgetry into the home. I’m looking forward to flat screen televisions that look like fine furniture and not an overstuffed computer monitor…maybe a nice wood frame and an internal hard drive that can cycle through my digital photo album while I’m not watching the simple life… maybe an arts and crafts styled i-Mac? Hehe, ok maybe that’s a bit much…

At $100,00 this mobile trailer is
almost the cost of a real house.

ooh, nautical.

From the Washington Post:

Microsoft, Philips, MIT and myraid other companies and schools have envisioned and created prototypes of their “Home of the Future”

If you are interested in how technology will impact the Home of the Future, I strongly recommend you check out microsoft, philips and MIT out. The home of the future is of interest to companies for the exact reasons you mentioned: ppl will spend more time at home in future becuase of work and leisure.

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i want to live underground, like cooper peadie (if that is the spelling). living underground will be cool, i may have a glass roof so people can watch me live. Otherwise i think housing will be more self sufficient and economic in the way it uses water and the processing of waste, speacially designed to avoid heavy use of air conditioning or heating and solar water heaters, these things will contribute to limiting our use of power (pollution etc…)

Don’t be too sure about the dispersion of employees and the demise of the company-- read the Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida for another viewpoint on this issue.