the frog is boiling...

Discussion on innovation at NPR -
Hear a conversation with Charles Vest, former president of MIT, and other leading innovators about the wobbly future of the American idea factory.


the reference to frogs: you can boil one if you raise the heat slowly enough not to be noticed.
He compares this to the decline in corporate investment into innovation. Up till the 80’s institutionalised support like Bell Labs was common, then in the 90’s innovation was via aquisition of small start-ups, now, as of last year corporations spent more mony on litigation than R+D.
Menwhile, China+India= 600,000 engineering graduates vs. 70,000 US this year. Not that this equates to creativity, just the implimentation.

[I’ve found that it’s the mid-level marketing and engineering managers who are the biggest impediment to innovation, even with executive level support/mandates to innovate, the key decision makers are simply too risk averse (by training) to move forward.]

Vest makes very interesting predictions and reccomendations concerning coporate short sightedness…