the fred krugger FD custom car

I thought this was a rendering at first but it appears to be real.

From the DesignBoom article:

the building of the fred krugger FD first began in 2018, with the creator challenged to produce something 100% unique, purely belgian in nature and true to krugger’s style. the car’s name, ‘FD’, stands for the clients’ initials: françois fornieri and andré dupont. like his motorcycles, fred krugger created the racing car entirely by hand.

It is kind of like a real life Pine Wood Derby car.

Was really expecting some kind of Friday the 13th theme here, to be honest. But, wow that’s gorgeous. What a way to do “open” wheels!

I’m not sure how I feel about this (need to browse the pics later) but I do know the Krugger logo really ruins it.