The first world-wide revolution- Green Design

Green design has been called the next industrial revolution. Yet unlike past “revolutions” it is based on a worldwide common goal. The idea of Green design indicates cooperation and sharing not competition. We are all together in this fight for sustainable life. However people’s innate competitiveness might contaminate what could otherwise be an amazing opprotunity. We learned from the failure of the International Style that no one asthetic can apply to different cultural regions; even technology can not be universally applied do to different environments. So I am not proposing that we cross-culturally band together to find the one universal solution to our problem. I only suggest that we take an outlook of comradery instead of competition. At a Green lecture I attended a few weeks ago in New York a designer from Australia got up and humorously issued a challenge to the US to “beat them” in eco-design. The comment struck me because it made me realize that engineers and designers all over the world are working on the same issues right now. Sure the specifics might be slightly different but the underlying problem is the same. If instead of trying to compete in eco-design we all pooled our world knowledge on the subject think how much more we could achieve. Perhaps this proposition is far too utopian for a world run by self centered competitors but hey…think about it.