The first IDEA award in China

Nokia Mobiledu bears the Excellent interactive experienced products of yearly IDEA excellent industry design awards awarded by US Industry Designer Association and Weekly Business. IDEA is well known as Oscar award in design field, which highly affirms the outstanding professional levels. More importantly, Nokia Mobiledu is the first award of interactive design in China. The registers of Mobiledu is over than 300 million and increasing all the time. The feedback from the users shows that they get what they want very easily and will keep on using it. That’s not only because PeoPeo’s visual design bears sense of artistic beauty, but it designs to let product or service and users communicate and interact through the interfaces, by setting particular cases, brain storming, body storming, balanced systematic ecology, users experience routine, video, model experience and so on, which makes the communication between human and machine more human-centered, intelligent and easy to operate.

The whole operation process of Mobiledu fits users’ psychology and inertia; page plan and layout as well as the functions can be readable without the instructions. The design of the interface is very unique and pleases the users esthetically. The cartoon image of Mobiledu looks so lovable that makes learning English a joyful thing. Meantime the users have efficient and pleasant experience, for which PeoPeo adopts many advanced user acknowledging psychological test, such as eye tract test, interview and investigation, to make sure the experience practical and perfect.

Modern products and services as well as technology and functions are becoming more and more complicated, the user manuals are too thick to be read, which results in losing customers. Therefore it is essential to make the service more efficient, effective and exiting for the users, who will not frown any more during the operation process. Good service design can maximize the involved parties’ benefit. Mobiledu( ) is such an example. Every party uses his own resource to cooperate with each other to maximize his benefit. As a free of charge software, the users enjoy it, meantime, the developer Nokia, the service provider Sina and the telecommunication operator obtain benefit respectively.

Peopeo service design is highly human-centered. By use of its professional and practical investigation and excellent service design, PeoPeo( is dedicated to meet the clients’ needs and bring benefit for them.