The Fall of the House of Bertone

Followed the “typical” Italian business cycle. First generations starts it, second generation grows it, third generation kills it.

Sadly the Fiat X1/9 is the closest I’ve come to riding in a Bertone-designed car.

great read, thanks

fascinating story to read. Always promotes a shift in my thinking when I seen the numbers behind iconic works.

Running a business is a serious feat that involves no nonsense. It takes almost an entire lifetime to build and to stay strong but it could also take just a second for the entire empire to collapse completely. My self storage that I am running is a franchise but I ensure that I give my 100% of commitment and dedication to this new baby of mine. I am determined to see this industry prosper with the ever-increasing demand for storage in the current market.

Shame… I owned a FiatX1/9 when I was 18 until about 22 and it was probably what got me interested in industrial design.