the european cream of the crop

What are the ‘hot and happenin’ design firms in Europe? We all know about the big and great firms in the US, but when I think of applying to work in Europe I draw a blank. Im looking for general design or product design, not car design. Any suggestions? I’ve already looked through Core but all I seem to find are small companies that Ive never heard of. Please someone educate me.

did you ever find a euro ID job…or nice sweet firms for that matter?

Do you know this one?, and of course you also have and

You can also try to find out here:

There are also some corporate studios:
Philips Error 404 | Philips
Samsung Design Milano
Samsung Europe:
Nokia and
Electrolux Electrolux among others.

Good luck and let me know if you find something interesting.

wow, i posted this over two years ago!

No, I found work here in the US and A. But a move to Euroland wouldnt hurt :wink: