The Difference: Design Mngt, Product Dvlt, Project Mngt?

How would you guys define Design Management,Product Development, Project Management in a concise way?

Design management is managing the design team and design process. People Product and Process focused. There should be direct reports to someone in this role.

Product Development is engineering light. Essentially acting as a liaison between factor vendors and design, writing spec sheets. Product and process focused. Some one in this role might be on email much of the time.

Project management is making sure the project is on time, under budget, and all the project goals are being met and everyone is reasonably happy. Very process focused.

Very concise and correct. I would add: when any one of these three stick more than their nose in Industrial/Product Design, sparks fly. It can be good, but people need to know their boundaries. Like when the Project Manager says “why can’t it be a 20 inch radius, nobody can tell the difference between that and a 12 inch radius anyway, and the 20” is easier to make" I’m like shut the hell up lady. :laughing: