the diagram i m talkin about

the digram of airfoil is this
but in actual the air hits on the surface of the blade and not the sides

the thing is that the wind will hit the face of the blade and not the sides…so how does it manage to get the lift??? in short how does air flow on this blde??


I’m not an aeronautical engineer, but my understanding is that the air flow creates ‘lift’ due to the airfoil shape and angle. Air had less distance to travel underneath the airfoil than above, creating pressure (lift).
The windmill blade functions the same (like a propeller - boat, airplane). The angle of the blades allow the blades to be pushed in a circular motion by the strongest prevailing wind direction.
Looks like your first image is from wikipedia:

Also check out:
…or search windmill rotor blade design!

Actually the wind spinning over the top of the wing creates negative pressure and the wing is basically sucked into the sky.