The design of Andor

I had a client trip to NY a few weeks ago. I binge watched Andor on the two flights. I haven’t kept up much on the episodic Star Wars content. I just haven’t been able to get into it, but friends kept bugging me to see Andor so I gave it a shot and really liked it.

A lot of fun design stuff going on. It must be so hard but also fun to slot a story in between existing movies. I think they thematically and visually pulled it off nicely.


I also like the Andor series. I very much like the every-day person POV of the Empire instead of the hero POV.

It has been a while since I watched, but isn’t there a seen breaking into an Empire facility on a vehicle with wheels? I recall being upset about that. :slight_smile:

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I love the renderings channeling Syd Mead.

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The brick buildings on Felix were really interesting… and a key part of the plot/culture on the planet.


but yes, that Syd Meadish luxury speeder…


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We just un-churned Disney+ to watch Andor. (Well the kids want to catch up on 3 seasons of Simpsons…)

Andor looks and feels magnificent. Its like Star Wars for adults, who might have an understanding of world history. No force or lightsaber in sight (so far… I’m only on Ep 6). There is so much DIRT and interplanetary hyperspace travel aside, the actions and characters have weight and realism.

There’s a rumor of an upcoming feature film set thousands of years BBY, about the discovery of the Force, and I think it would be amazing if it maintained this Andor/Rogue One vibe.

All of the production design is great, but I really enjoy the corporate round table meetings. Its like the Tarkin round table from ANH but with more social climbing and class warfare.


They did a good job with it in my opinion. I rewatched Rogue One last night (doggo couldn’t sleep because of the booms) and it was great to see the Casian Andor character in that, but also I think the Andor show was so much better at telling the story of the non Skywalkers.