The design industry

Hey I have a huge passion for fashion (particularly men’s fashion) and I really want to be succeessful in the industry. I know how competitive the industry is, and this is why I havent applied for a course in it (Im doing business management even though I have a huge passion for design). Its just that Ive always wanted to be rich since forever, and ive been designing since I was 5 years old. I just feel really confused and kinda depressed as my passion is design and ill have to leaver that once I go to business school. I know this thread is very random and mumbled but thats cos thats how I feel right now. I’m torn btw wealth and doing my passion. The thing is I know for one to reach that wealth they have to have a passopn for what they do.

Can someone please help me.

What will motivate you to get up and go to work in the morning is you are not passionate about it?

If you hate your job will any amount of money make it worth your time?

How much does true happiness and fulfillment in life cost?

If you still think that being rich is the end all then you truly have no hope. You will never have enough money to be satisfied. Psychologically speaking people who are highly materialistic and money hungry are simply trying to fill an emptiness or lack of self esteem, but money can never fill it. This is the reason rock stars, athletes, and lottery winners almost always get involved in drugs and end up bankrupt in a matter of years.

To be honest I have turned down 3 jobs one offered 3 times my current salary, I elected to stay here for the simple fact that I enjoy the work, and feel vary fulfilled by it.

In the end money is merely paper and can never fill the void.