The design business is flooded with bad designers.

Since there are so many people out there that become graphic designers because its easy to learn programs, the market is flooded with bad designers. Anyone can learn a program, but not good design without proper training and an artistic eye. My main question goes out to all you in the industry that are in charge of hiring. How the hell are new and talented designers, that don’t have a B.A., suppose to break into the industry? Most of the postings I’ve seen ask for people with lots of experience or for people who know WEB, PRINT, ANIMATION, and so on… And to top it all off, you only want to pay them 25-30K. Because of all this, talented specialists and real designers do not get a chance to break in. It is really sad. :cry: What advice would you give to a person with only an A.S. and about a yrs. worth of Freelance experience? Also keep in mind that this person is a very talented artist but nobody will give him/her a chance?

I don’t want to sound like I’m avoiding your answer, but I would say that your best bet is to leverage your freelance gigs into a network that will land you a full time spot, or at least if you get an interview you can break out with a great portfolio.

A.S. with a year of freelance doesn’t scream at me to hire you, but it indicates your potential, so I would need some other indication that you were a good fit for my company. I would need to get the impression you could learn (progs or techniques) whatever you didn’t know already that might be specific to my projects or firm, and I would want to see your vision as carried through in your artwork. How you think and how you would solve a problem are more of an issue than what version of Illustrator you know.

Beyond that, I don’t know what to say or what :bulb: you expect.

I believe you are answering your own question here.

Anyone can learn a program, but not good design without proper training and an artistic eye

Without doubting that you are a talented person with some freelance expereince - The three or four years that it takes those who earn a B.A. in design really does make a difference. Without a B.A. you are missing a lot of experience - even if it is academic.

My advice would be that if you are really serious about getting into design to enroll in a part-time studies B.A. If you are truly on top of your game with software and talent you will likely be able to continue your freelance work at the same time.

good luck

My addvise is to get a degree. You are more likely to get a job if you have a degree from a good school and not only that it will help you develope you portfolio. Not trying to put you down but when I’m looking at hiring one of the first things I look for on their resume is where they whent to school and their skills.

first learn the difference between art and design… not the same but most of the people don´t know the differences. After that, you´ll know what you do and how to sell it.

I recommend a book (actually the first two or three chapters) writen by Gui Bonsiepe called “From the object to the interface”.

Good luck!