The design business is flooded with bad designers.

Since there are so many people out there that become graphic designers because its easy to learn programs, the market is flooded with bad designers. Anyone can learn a program, but not good design without proper training and an artistic eye. My main question goes out to all you in the industry that are in charge of hiring. How the hell are new and talented designers, that don’t have a B.A., suppose to break into the industry? Most of the postings I’ve seen ask for people with lots of experience or for people who know WEB, PRINT, ANIMATION, and so on… And to top it all off, you only want to pay them 25-30K. Because of all this, talented specialists and real designers do not get a chance to break in. It is really sad. :cry: What advice would you give to a person with only an A.S. and about a yrs. worth of Freelance experience? Also keep in mind that this person is a very talented artist but nobody will give him/her a chance?

so you see, talent isn’t the only thing necessary to get a job or to get paid. sad but true…it’s not necessarily the most talented that get ahead

if you really are so brilliant, then figure out a way to do it instead of complaining that there’s no opening, or no one will give you a chance

You complain “anyone can learn a program, but not good design without proper training.” Later you mention that “real designers” can’t break in.

Then you go on to say that you don’t have training, and then you call yourself an “artist” (red flag!)

My advice: go to design school.