the day after tomorrow

i would like to know if this movie has any affect/impact on Industrial Design.

Any comments?

yes as a designer I will freeze to death with everyone else

or else we will al make tons of money developing survival gear.

first of all, ID , thats hilarious.

i think that you mean the whole idea of the threat of catastrophic global warming effects, and massive sudden climate changes.

i dont think that it has been proven or ever suggested that there could ever be a sudden massiv eclimate change as such. i mean how could something so drastic happen so quickly with all the variables in the weather that would have to change simultaneously and in an exact way like that.

design will always respond to nature, and a change in nature will call on new design, but we have no reason to think that a massive climate flip could occurr over night.

but you might wanna make some designs for it, and then cash in, haha