the current market for the book trolley

hi everyone, I am a student who is working on the concept of the book trolley.
So far, I had researched on the market , the resource is quite limited. The concept is quite near to the design of the shopping trolley. My target group is for the customers.

What type of directions should I work on?
Which problems areas should I be aware of?
Any suggestions for the material to be made of?[criteria:durability]

Thanks. (;

well it depends on you on what materials you are going to use. what you prefer actually.

Traditionally Wood and Steel have been the material choice for a Book or Library Trolley. Because of their durability.
I would consider exploring new sustainable or recycled material alternatives in your build.
I would also consider talking to a few librarians and book sellers about what changes they would like to see incorporated in a new design.
Or what problems they’ve had with their existing designs.
I know this sounds like design 101 but some designers forget to do basic foot work and research before starting the design process.
The more information you have the better your design will be. Good Luck. And please post the outcome when its done.

The basic form of a book trolley is a small book shelf on wheels.

Why not looking at different ways to store or hold books? than incorporate mobility.