The Core Boards then & now

Hey student-- Suck My Balls!!

Ah the good old days.

Thanks, it took a lot of “guiding” to move it away from that, as funny as it was at times, to this.

Isn’t it strange, though, that we don’t get any posts as bad as the ones back in '02? I don’t remember the last time I deleted a post other than spam.

In retrospect for me, it seems like the core group of posters just stopped playing games. After that, the whiners went home.

I don’t think it helped either that back then anyone could post anonymously ( ) The fact that there is required registration of names which are tied to post counts, I think helps keep out the riff raff, or at least makes them easy to spot.

My first post:


How long have you listened to Off the Hook/Wall?

27 June 2003 at 2:10pm. Oh the memories.

The post right after:

F*** off you piece o s*** nazi moron.

That wasn’t by TimF though.

I miss ufo. :frowning:

Me too.

Haven’t seen a good Deez rant in a while…

I miss Momknowsbest

No joke, dude walks the line for sure, deconstructively constructive.

mmmm. i remember this site back in 98 or 99. maybe later than that?

i had a few different names, but i don’t rmember them all. i would forget my login and make another.

i do remember creating an argument with myself between two different screennames, but that was a long time ago. i had a lot more free time then.

Hee hee . . .I almost wish I was around in these early days you’re all speaking of , but I reckon I’d have likely got my somewhat untamed monkey mind toasted at some point !

My thanks to all for the sincere goodwill often expressed within these pages.

Long may it continue!

Its was bad back then. I didn’t really participate, it was just a junkyard. Now its a great resource.

If you say something stupid, you have to live with it, but I pretty sure we are faced with that penalty outside the interwebs as well.