The Complain Thread

I thought it would be funny to hear some of the day to day complaints designers have at their jobs. If something comes up, come and post your complaint, I’ll go first.

Complaint #1: Business people taking 2 days to make a decision, and when they finally do the deadline is 2 hours.

Complaint #2:At the end of the day, I’m told half the things I was working on all day are not needed. I guess it would have been too much to ask to look at what you were sending me this morning. And I would be happy to stay late and work on what you meant to send.

Oh, those are hardly constrained to design-only jobs, they’re simply part of life in a company.

There must be something though, that’s design-specific only.
Manufacturer mis-quoting material specifications so when you go to use the ideal product, everything goes to sh.t instead? :open_mouth:

Printing companies with bad calibration? :angry:

What about corporate political BS that makes you use a supplier you know is crap. Every time you send them a design they come back with the opposite of what you want.

I could have a hay day with this thread. It has been a rough few months.

I designed a two piece product that had to come apart for cleaning. It was sent out to china for manufacture and when first-off tool samples were sent back, the client found that the parts wouldn’t separate - the client was very unhappy! Long story short, the chinese manufacturer, without consultation, had conducted a meter drop test on the assembled product and finding that it came apart (well yeah) had over engineered the clips, so that once it was assembled first time, there was no way you were separating those two. It took ages to saw the thing up, measure it against the drawings, prove to the client that the clips were not to spec, get the manufacturer to admit to the mistake and change the tool. Total nightmare!

I think I could fill this tread quite easily :wink: …I’m a very frustrated person

  • Marketeers, Managers, Accountants who want to play ‘designer’
  • The fact that an assignment is mostly a recipe for just one product/solution…they just want you to cook it
  • There’s never enough time…I could live with this if management hasn’t been discussing the design brief for 2 years.
  • Assignments like this: “Make it look like the product of my competitor so people might mistake my product for his”
  • Can you make it in brown? My wife loves brown.
  • To many decision-makers is always a bad thing
  • No time given to test/enhance concepts/ideas
  • The fact that R&D is under-payed

There’s more but these are my main gripes :wink:



Mechanics / Suppliers / Engineers / Marketing - “No, no, that’s not possible. Well yes, of course we have tried. Don’t you remember that time five years ago…”

ME/MGMT: “Interesting idea… but no one has done it before, let’s assume they had a good reason and not take a chance”

MGMT “Hey I just thought of this feature and it’s totally patentable”
ID: “Cool… too bad it’s completely useless?”
MGMT: “Well perhaps, but no one has done it so just focus all your efforts on it OK?”

ID: “Why didn’t you engineer this more like this? It would’ve made the product more user friendly and ergonomic.”
ME: “I thought about it but didn’t think it was possible to make look good”
ID: “What a nice assumption, and decision for trade off. Can you sign this document that allows me to exclude you from decisions falling directly under your expertise on the next project?”

C-lvl mgmt: “Apparently we need to focus on the customer so we can innovate. Someone will need to do user trials. I’m thinking project manager is best suited for this”.
PM: “Done. Here is the presentation. Here is a photo of a person holding up our product, while eating a donut. All 2 people thought the product was great, but wouldn’t mind if it was cheaper and looked better”.
ID: “So… any insights? What are the problems? What’s the opportunity?”
PM: “I analyzed all our competitors and compiled all the data in this spreadsheet. The values in these rows need to be bigger, and the ones in these smaller.”