The car in front is a Prius

No words necessary.

I wonder what sort of fuel economy it managed over the trip?

I was dying to read that, but the article doesn’t mention:(

ah, i remember there was a golf TDi running in SCCA clubrally (before SCCA dumped the series) that was running on biofuel. they did fairly well as a privateer effort. their fuel economy was fantastic.

given the throttle demands of rallying, i wouldn’t think the prius would do very well.

I would think a Prius would be helpless. When I rented one, I drained the battery in no time and was left running on the rather underpowered engine. I would assume in racing the hybrid system would be a bigger drain than help.

… in racing the hybrid system would be a bigger drain than help

Suddenly I can’t shake the image of indoor rally racing on converted hockey rinks … . . with overhead extension cords. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Prius hybrid system is useless for racing- the regenerative braking doesn’t capture much energy under heavy deceleration (it’s optimized for coasting and mild stops), and the batteries don’t store enough energy. However… if you throw away the batteries and electric motors, the car itself is very light.

Scott: I’ve been wondering where Insight drag race cars are for quite sometime. They weigh only 1800 or 2000 lbs. with the heavy batteries. I imagine you could chop the weight to 1600 easily with the batteries removed, interior stripped. Drop in a 280 hp B18 turbo with nitrous and you have the ultimate pocket rocket (and sleeper).

Heh, that was one of the first things I thought of too the first time I saw an Insight. Not to mention it’s pretty slippery. Let’s start a team… :slight_smile:

it’s been done. a couple years ago. someone dropped a k20a2 into an insight. it was extremely quick.