"The Brief DvD" Very inspiring!!

I ordered “the brief dvd” created by John (Ip Wirelessly) featuring, Yo, Spencer Nugent, Billy Vespa, and Benjamin Lloyd, at the beginning of the year, but have just now gotten a chance to really look over it. I have to say that it is really well done. I would suggest that all of you that are looking for work and feeling down and uninspired, or you guys in school, really think about getting this. I plan to take it to work and show it around and show the marketing and product development (candy development) folks what ID can do for them and how to use more efficiently. It is very top line, but just enough to get people pumped and wanting to see more.

Good job guys!!


No problem man. I am surprise I am the first to post on it. It shows just enough to get people curious and start great conversation. It is also good for those days when you seem to want to throw every sketch you do in the garbage. It is always fun to watch others sketch and see how they do things.

This sums up my goal for the DVD…I am glad it comes across this way.

Shameless plug alert (Since PackageID brought it up :slight_smile: )

If you’re interested in buying the DVD, I have been having an end of the school year deal…sign up for The Brief DVD newsletter and you can get the DVD for $25 USD + shipping and applicable taxes.

Just go to the link in my footer to the brief dvd and sign up for the newsletter. You will receive a confirmation letter containing the discount code.

I just bought a black market VHS tape of this in downtown LA for $3, review soon.

*Scratch that, it turned out to be the Pelican Brief staring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. How disappointing.

Well, at least I know you actually did a search on the Torrents :wink:

If you want to watch it, please buy it. This was done 100% out of my own pocket.

Thanks Justin_ It was super fun to take part in it, and all of us had a healthy level of competition… I think we are all looking forward to the next one so we can all one up each other. I think Ben kind of took the cake on the first episode!

chomp-chomp-chomp, I love cake! :laughing:

Thanks Justin!

No problem guys. Well deserved.