The Branding Roll Call

Those of us that pushed to get this new section in the Core forums made the argument that there were a lot of POP / Package / Exhibit Designers out there that would love to have our own little nook. So that begs the question, how many of us are actually out there and who are we?

So here is a thread to to ask all those folks to come forward and be counted.

I will start by saying I am a POP Signage and Display Designer in the Midwest with 10 years experience in the field working freelance, big corporate, and small mom-and pop companies.

Who else we got?

I am a Packaging and Semi-Permanent Display designer in New England with three years experience working in a corporate environment.

Environmental Graphic Designer dealing in wayfinding, identity and sign design in the Upper Midwest. I’ve been at it in the corporate environment for 6 years with a bit of freelance work mixed in sporadically. Most of what I do has ties to POP, exhibit and retail design, too.

I design all the store displays, store fixtures, furniture and products for MAC Cosmetics. I have my fingers in alo pies here because I’m only one of two industrial designers for the entire brand.

PS. I’ve been at MAC for 3 1/2 years and counting and I’m in NYC

That is very interesting…I am actually working on a beauty / cosmetic area for one of our key retail customers and have been looking around for ideas to make the whole area “Pop”. Do you know anything I should check out for inspiration?

In terms of store visits (beauty brands) I recommend seeing a MAC store, a Sheseido an Aveda and a Bumble and Bumble. Also I find a lot of inspiration in little boutique fashion stores as well as regular retail fashion stores. Seeing store windows is another great way to get inspired. \

I dont where exactly you live but if you can get to Chicago, NY or LA I’d recommend walking around one of the fashion districts and checking things out.

Great to see we have a role call out to try to get all of us out of the wood works.

I work for MARS Snackfood design Packaging for Seasonal candy. I am responsible for Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and Halloween. I also support our everyday Core Brands such as M&M’s, Snickers, Dove Chocolate, etc with new design development. Working in the Seasonal group is great because everyday is a holiday. :laughing:

I have been with MARS for about 5 years and before then I worked for Revlon doing store displays.

Got a Product Design degree in the UK, worked for a couple of POP companies over there for a few years, moved to Canada and worked for a POP company, a high end fixture company, a branding company, then ran a small agency with an old colleague for some time but got fed up managing so now I’m freelancing… it’s good being back designing, it really is where my passion lies.

All in all it’s been about 12 years of experience.

I have to say I’m a big fan of the MAC stores, nice clean design.

Thanks Loafer I appreciate it. Its definitely trying at times. Its hard to reinvent yourself every year while maintaining the brands feel. Its a lot of fun though too.

I graduated from Pratt and worked at Motorola for a short period of time. After that I ended up at Smurfit Stone Display Group working on temporary/semi-perm POP/POS stuff. My customer base was pretty wide there, everything from Phillips and HP to P&G and Masterfoods/M&M/Mars.

From there I ended up at Graphic Packaging International. My primary customer is Coca Cola. If it’s in paperboard and from Coca Cola, I’ve most likely have had some involvement with it. My secondary customer’s range from Miller/Coors, Heineken, AB/Inbev to Pepsi, Cadbury Schweppes, Dr.Pepper and everyone inbetween globally.

I started off as a carton designer at GPI handling everything from concept development right to commercialization. Now, I’m working on design strategy, innovation management and the really, really front end part of our business.

Boosted it sounds like you have had some really great experience. I work for Mars, and I remember back when we worked with Smurfit. They no longer have our business. I believe it has all been transitioned to GPI.

I don’t know if that happened before the merger or not. But GPI actually bought the packaging side of Smurfit which was called Altivity at the time. I’m on the beverage side so I don’t get to work with you Mars guys.

Yeah you are write. I get them all mixed up. We still work wqith the former Altivity guys up in Chicago. Our main contact is Sherry Weiver. She do pretty nice work!!

Congrats on getting the Branding Iron up and running everyone, i’m a bit late to the party, but it’s good to see we have this new forum.

A little about myself…

BSID, interned as an automotive model maker, worked in the event design industry for about a year, and then moved on to a position where I get to tackle Graphic, Environmental, Exhibit, and Industrial Design in a corporate setting, been in this role for about 5 years.