The Boston Marathon Jacket Sucks (We Runners Deserve Better)

Not sure how, but this original topic from a year ago seems to be missing. Thought I would update it.

My original article on the topic-

As a runner and race kit designer I see a lot of race merch. And the Boston Marathon “Celebration” Jacket by Adidas is supposed to be the pinnacle of marathon swag. But ask around you’ll likely hear as many complaints as compliments.

Here’s the thing - The Boston Marathon “Celebration” Jacket kinda, sorta, constantly, always sucks.

This year’s was just released and (surprise) it sucks and runners hate it.

We deserve better indeed.


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Not familiar. What’s up with the blue and yellow mandate?
The official Adidas jacket says “top down” to me, like its what the sponsors would want or like, not the people who take part.

Traditionally the colors of the race have been blue and yellow.

Everything is blue and yellow.

Honestly not sure of the history on that. From what I’ve read the first jackets were made for organizers in a limited edition in 1988 but I think the colors pre-date that. In any case was blue and yellow then.