The BMW supercar concept: the S.X

Looks like an Aston had a child with a 5-series.

I’m guessing this is not an official BMW concept?

Taillights and proportions are amazing, roof line reminds me of the Alfa 8C. Not a fan of the front fascia though, its a little aftermarket-esque to me.

Stunning renders and sketches on the link. Great job capturing the various BMW trademarks (grille, headlights, Z on the fender, kink in the belt line).

Having said that, overall it looks like the back of a 6 series and the front of Maseratti coupe. Not bad, but not really anything new.

My 3 month old makes that exact same face.

cg: on the toilet or when you tell him he can’t have a candy bar in the check out line at the grocery store?

It’s so nice I almost think that BMW would never make a car like that. :laughing:

I like it, but it almost screams “Generic supercar” to me… I feel like I’ve seen all of those shapes and proportions before, and the side profile seems very very Alfa 8c

And thats certainly not a bad thing given how goregous the 8C is…but it just doesn’t strike me as anything terribly new or original. :neutral_face: