The Big Design Freak-Out!

hilarious! what do you bet that girl in the audience worked for IDEO’s London office and is now out of a job?

in that last video Don makes it clear that taking a workshop or seminar wont/didn’t make you a design thinker, so it’s the marketing not the practice that’s now dead (along with IDEOs offices)
He is, of course a polymath genius expecting his students to be the same, I don’t blame him but I understand how you can see a contradiction.

His original course curriculum’s (like ten years ago?) was the first two years of cog. psy. and ME. Qualifying graduates to do absolutely nothing in industry - except possibly ask the right questions. I think what the program has evolved into is much more at the heart of true problem solving for people’s needs (what design thinking proposed to be)

It’s a shame but even after all this time there is still bad design out there. I’m reminded of the myth of 4/5 new products fail in the market, not accurate but not entirely false either.

and there will still be the ‘because we can’ products that shouldn’t exist - see the thread on the R1 and other AI gadgets. Disruption and Good Design and all that comes with it should ideally be the result of careful execution of genuine insight. That’s what I think Don is trying to pass on

I agree. There are problems to be solved everywhere. And, imo, Design Thinking is the best process to determine if the problem is worth solving and does the solution excite the customer. And I will give credit to designers trying to corner the process by calling it Design Thinking.

But I also think the reality is that the process cannot be owned by one group. I think the process is as old as humans existed and it is ridiculous (in hindsight) to think design gets the only say about it.