The best way to market myself??

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping that some of you might have some suggestions for me about how to market my business / myself:

I have set up as a freelancer with my own company name, I currently have a couple of regular clients who use me for CAD planning, graphics, visuals etc:

but one client is getting a bit difficult (treating me a bit too much like an employee, dictating my pay, pushing me into doing work that I’m not experienced or interested in etc.) and so I intend to tackle the person about this, but I want to expand in oder to increase my revenue, spread my interests and also start employing freelancers myself.

Has anyone got any ideas as to the best methods of marketing? I’m currently working on my website, and was thinking about putting some email fliers together, advertising in local papers etc. but would really value any ideas anyone would have,

Thanks in advance,


If you’re a freelancer, your money would be better spent on a professional portfolio and in organizations and/or at the bar. Join your local industry trade organizations, I would start in hospitality, industrial design, and interior design… Go to every mixer, conference, and symposium they throw and learn how to explain what you do in 30 seconds or less. Buy professional business cards, and stationary… Write back everyone you speak to and remind them frequently of what you do. Most often then not, they will know someone who will need your services. The second strategy which is equally important is to find partners who compliment your work. Contact competitors, or industry related persons (ie your vendors)… Do this for three months straight at least 2 outings a week and you’ll see results in 3 months or less. The important part is to stay professional and concentrate on practicing your pitch… You want the whole regional area to know who you are and what you do… Your mission is accomplished when you get three emails from different persons giving you a tip on the same job…

Thanks for the reply!

What do you mean about portolio? I had an A3 portfolio printed a short while ago, which I put into a black goldline case which seems to work quite well. I guess my website will be an online portfolio too.

I take your point about networking too, in the UK the industry is quite closed so I’ve got to get myself out there to build on my confidence.

Thanks again, and any other replies are welcome :smiley:

Over 150 views, does anyone else have any suggestions please? :slight_smile:


dows advice is great - im inclined to take i bit of it myself. (thanks dow)

I would also ad that it’s becomeing common practice in the design industry to have a website or online portfolio to showcase your work. - something i have yet to do, but there are plenty of great examples out there for benchmarking.

Hi Stewie,

I’ve written an Article on “How to be a Design Super Star” and much of is about marketing yourself. Perhaps you might find the information useful.

Thanks for all the replies guys - thankfully I haven’t got as much to do as I thought I had, but I’ve now got some great ideas of where to go from here!

Thanks again! :smiley:

Its cool to hear that you intend to start employing people yourself! You are after a worthwhile goal, running your own business instead of being a freelancer…

I have to read your whole thread but… what you need to do is design your business. Figure out what it is that it does, what it sells, who it provides value, and what it needs to be to be a successful business.

How to market yourself? How about hitting the super-easy no-brainer ones first… business cards, identity, a web site, but equally important… establish a How-We-Do-It handbook so that you can clearly articulate what your business is and does, to yourself, your potential customers and to your freelancers.

Are you an expert in your field or aspects of it? Then speak up … in public. Get yourself on the agenda for networking events or industry events. Are you not quite there yet? Then attend those events and look for future opportunities to share your growing expertise with people in the future.

You are wise to want to not be TOO beholden to any one client. And, you’re wise to not want to be an employee-equivalent.

If you do something that is at all interesting (or can figure out a way to make it interesting!) then put together a press release … photos in high resolution, with lots of space for cropping them either vertically or horizontally, and a story … prepared for inevitable cutting. There are formats suitable for press releases, structured such that they can be cut drastically and still retain their meaning. Learn a bit about how to do that or have someone do it for you!