The best under-chair desk mat?

Ok, this is the perfect forum for this question, lol. I had a chair mat only 2 years old and all of a sudden, it started cracking all over the place! Now it’s definitely time to replace it. And it’s really thick plastic (not sure what kind of plastic), so I am surprised it is now cracking. I guess they only last so long? Well, anyone have any suggestions for a good plastic or alternative durable material for a chair mat? I have a plush carpet in my apartment, so I need something that will last a long time and not too expensive. What do you guys have? by the way, I have seen some online made out of Polycarbonate. They seem durable and thick but they are REALLY expensive, in the hundreds of dollars. Maybe I can just buy a slab of it somewhere, not sure where. though? Home Depot? :slight_smile: